Our company name is “Tooriginal Solutions” (too original solutions), as a response of all of our clients’ most common perception about us. It’s because we have passion in working with positive network externalities, which are... amazing!!! At the beginning our brand name was DoxaNetwork.

Positive Network Externalities
Positive Network Externalities Example


Improving business results with positive network externalities (PNE).

Increase your market share

Encourage consumers to adopt your solutions based on PNE strategies.

Minimize your churn rate

Customers who adopt PNE based solutions find very attractive continuing in the network.

Increase your average revenue per costumer

Develop new and more profitable services faster with solutions based on PNE.

Avoid price war strategies

Lock-in the market to your favor with PNE solutions.

Accelerate technology adoption

Implement PNE based solutions to accelerate markets evolution.

Reduce your costumer acquisition cost

Reduce dramatically your sales costs by encouraging customers to adopt your PNE based solutions.


Everest Barjau

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